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A light-colored ale that boasts aromas of orange and pine with ripe peach and apricot atop toasted sugar and bread crust.

7% ABV | 80 IBU

OG 16 (1.064)

FG 3.5 (1.014)

2.5 vol

COMPA for Website.png

Friends, beer drinkers, New Mexicans, this beer is for you. Brewed in the American style, this light lager was made with two row, malted barley, melanoidin malt, and New Mexico blue corn that was roasted and milled for us by Albuquerque’s own Southwest Heritage Mill. We threw a few Willamette hops in there as well for balance. Compa is simultaneously malty and easy drinking for those long hours spent wiling the day away on the porch, or boat, or anywhere else for that matter. So kick back, get yourself a green chile burger and enjoy. Cheers.

5.5% ABV | 20 IBU

RED for Website.png

A red mahogany, American IPA with classic "C" hop character. Malty and sweet with a touch of roast and a medium full body. 

8% ABV | 60 IBU

OG 17 (1.068)

FG 4 (1.016)


AMBER for Website.png

An amber ale in the English tradition. Sparkfitter Amber balances toasty malts, earthy hops, and fruity yeast to achieve a classic, pub-style bitter.

5.4% ABV | 30 IBU

OG 13 (1.052)

FG 3 (1.012)

2.4 vol

Raspberry Dynamite for Website.png

This popular kettle sour is inspired by the Napoleon. Not the famously undersized general, but rather, the flaky, cream-filled pastry.  We began the process with a wheat heavy grain bill which we ran off and kettle soured before boiling with lactose, a milk sugar. We then added a ridiculous quantity of pure raspberry puree to the fermentation and let it all bubble away until the flavors developed and the yeast was finished.  What resulted is a fantastically fruit-forward brew with a raspberry aroma, striking appearance, and a refreshingly sweet/tart finish.  We had fun with this one!

5.8% ABV | 5 IBU

Lloyds 3 O'Clock Kolsch for Website.png

A light and dry easy-drinking Kolsch-style ale brewed with German pilsner malt and German hops, fermented cool resulting in a clean, refreshing brew with an herbal, lemon hop character.

5% ABV | 25 IBU 

STOUT for Website.png

An American take on an Irish classic. This dry stout is full of cocoa and roast with notes of dates and dark fruit. Brewed to session strength with drinkability in spades. Served on Nitro. 

6% ABV | 40 IBU

WIT for Website.png

This twist on a classic style combines soft wheat notes with orange, coriander, and a spicy yeast character. Bursting with flavor and prickly carbonation, The Village Wit finishes appropriately dry.

6% ABV | 15 IBU 

SBB Cider for Website.png

New and Amazing! Steel Bender Cider is now made with 100%, not-from-concentrate apple juice. We don't add any sulfites or sugar and let the juice and yeast shine. Intense apple flavor dominates with just a hint of strawberry and melon, compliments of the yeast! A semi-sweet finish rounds out the palette with a mild tannic dryness to leave you ready for the next.

5% ABV

Ale Witch for Website.png

Nothing warms the cool autumn nights like a pint of pumpkin. Our take on this reboot of a historic, American style is brewed with Schwebach Farms pumpkins, dried cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom, and a couple gallons of molasses. Warm spice and biscuit in the aroma follow through in the flavor of this potent, pumpkin colored beer. Spooky good stuff!

7.5% ABV  |  14 IBU

OktoberFiesta for Website.png

A smooth, easy drinking lager made with top-quality German ingredients. Fermented low and slow and left to lager to perfection. Full of malty overtones with Noble hops added for balance. Nothing but the best goes in to our Oktoberfiesta Lager and nothing but the best is the result. Weyerman Barke Malts, Magnum and Hersbrucker hops, and our house Lager Yeast Strain combine into this seasonal favorite.

6.75% ABV  |  25 IBU

Blackberry Dynamite for Website.png

This jammy wonder is loaded with the sweet tart combo that makes the Dynamite series what it is. Brewed with two row, wheat, and acidulated malts, hopped with Magnum, kettle soured, fermented with our house European Ale yeast and packed with blackberry puree, Blackberry Dynamite is sure to tickle your fancy this Autumn. Look for cans in the wild.

5.6% ABV  |  5 IBU

The Whole Shoe for Website (2).png

We chose the Shoe to be the base for this “Wet Hopped” experience. One hundred pounds of Cascade hops were picked at Billy Goat Hop Farm in Montrose Colorado and driven to us to be added to a fermenter full of Whole Shoe before a full day had passed. The result is a hazy, Belgo IPA with aromas of fresh Cascades dancing with the unique character of our House Belgian yeast strain. Unique and fruity with pine, grass, and grapefruit just brimming from the glass.  

To be is to brew.

To brew is to be.

Brew be do be do.

7.6% ABV  |  50 IBU

Trans American Buffet Beer for Website.png

Brewed in collaboration with Flix Brewhouse for a special viewing of Smokey and The Bandit, this fizzy yellow beer pays tribute to the liquid that they were hauling. Buffet Beer is easy on the palate with not a lot of hop presence and just enough malt to play well with the bubbles. American Pilsner malt makes up the backbone of this brew with additions of rice and corn to lighten the body and add to drinkability. A long lagering period yielded a spectacularly drinkable lager that should be enjoyed “Cold as the Sandias”. So back it down and make Steel Bender or Flix your 20 to enjoy some of this fine, fine lager beer.

5.23% ABV  |  10 IBU

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Make Mine Perfect for Website.png

The inspiration for this barrel aged, Brett conditioned Dubbel aged on local Los Ranchos cherries came from the classic cocktail that, when made perfect, contains equal parts sweet and dry Vermouth. Aromas of Tawny Port, almonds, bourbon, dried fruit, and funk combine with a gentle warming to provide a perfect pour.

9.1% ABV  |  10 IBU

The Judy for Website (1).png

The Judy began as a Saison brewed with rose hips, lemongrass, and lemon verbena, and was fermented with our house Belgian yeast. We then pressed, puréed, and otherwise manipulated fresh peaches until we could squeeze them into barrels along with a mix of Brettanomyces cultures. After nearly one year of aging, she took on a new life. Effervescent, spunky, and dry, with fruity peach and Brett bursting out of the glass with the help of prickly carbonation. The Judy is a tribute to the Village of Los Ranchos, to its agriculture and to its tenacious spirit. Santé!

6.5% ABV  |  5 IBU

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 1.09.07 PM.png

A barrel aged, dry hopped, Brettanomyces spiked Saison is best brewed with friends.  In this case, our friends from Ex Novo Brewing joined us to collaborate on this very special bottle release. We began by brewing a Saison with hard, red, Colorado wheat then fermented it with the French Saison strain. It then underwent aging in barrels with two strains of Brettanomyces before being dry hopped with Southern Passion hops. Bottled and conditioned to traditional, very high, Saison carbonation levels, this beer will be fruity and hoppy now and will develop more funky, Brett character as it ages.

6.1% ABV  |  30 IBU

LOS RANCHOS Cidere for Website.png

This one is as local as it gets. We held a pressing party with our crew, local farmers, and friends. And by the long day's end, we had pressed over 7,000 pounds of apples from a neighboring orchard located right here in the Village. Then we fermented and bottled at the brewery. Los Ranchos Cider boasts rustic aromas that carry the orchard's bountiful history. It's dry while being full of complex fruit flavors and finishes with a spritzy carbonation.⁣ Available in 500mL bottles.

6% ABV

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 7.18.09 PM.png

Seasoned. Distinctive. Chock-full of grit with a dose of zestand strong will, every village should have its village wit. Our twist on this classic style combines soft wheat notes with orange, coriander, and a spicy yeast character. Bursting with flavor and prickly carbonation, The Village Wit finishes charmingly dry. 

6% ABV | 15 IBU

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 4.37.11 PM.png

Packed with potential . . .

Barley and wheat malts. Azacca, El Dorado, Elle, and Meridian hops. PERSEVERANCE. And Brettanomyces. Cinderella Story is about squaring up to a challenge, keeping the prize in sight, and shrugging off the impossible. It’s a testament to never giving up. Enjoy Cindy’s hop character now, and then put some away to check in on the Brett evolution. Whatever you tackle, do it with gusto.

6.25% ABV | 30 IBU

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.51.03 AM.png

This bracingly tart take on a Flanders Style Sour has taken some time to bring about. A year in barrels with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus brought about plenty of pucker with a long stay in bottles resulting in a fruity, farmyard funk to balance the acidity. One complex beer that was worth the wait.

8% ABV | 5 IBU

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.51.18 AM.png

For fun, we added pure boysenberry puree to some of the barrels of Ned’s Sour Pail. The result  is a fruitier, vinous version of Ned’s Sour. 

8% ABV | 5 IBU

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 2.50.22 PM.png

Meet VIEJO AGRIO, our first mixed-culture sour beer. Brewed with Pilsner, Aromatic, Wheat, and Special B malts, and touched with French Aramis hops, this beer spent just over a year in brandy barrels with the full treasure trove of bugs. Various Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus cultures all got a turn in the extended barrel aging before being bottled with priming sugar and wine yeast. A wealth of funk and brandy aroma mix beautifully with the bracingly tart flavor, giving way to a lingering oak and tannin barrel character on the palate. Discovering Viejo Agrio’s transformations during its journey has been half the fun! Let’s see where it takes us for years to come. . .

7.2% ABV | 5 IBU

Gruet Chardonnay Logo.jpg


Rich with notes of lemon curd, pear and tropical pineapple with a crisp finish.

Milagro Corrales WHITE Logo.gif


Crisp and refreshing with notes of melon, green apple and nectarines.



Off-dry blend of Riesling and Viognier with notes of peach, nectarine, and orange blossoms. It finishes crisp with just a hint of sweetness.

Milagro Corrales RED Logo.jpg


Round mouthfeel with flavors or cherry, raspberry and currants with a hint of spice on a soft finish.



Ripe raspberry with vanilla and spice with a light body. Perfect for spring!



Cherry and cola dominate this medium bodied red with well integrated tannins and a little spice. It has a velvety mouthfeel with just a bit of a peppery finish.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 3.54.40 PM.png


Grown on the warm Corrales hillside in sandy soils, barrel aged in French Oak for 21 months creating an Old World style. The wine displays aromas of red berries, earth and leather, flavors of red cherry and red boysenberry currant and mineral, medium tannin, balanced acidity and a long finish. It will reward bottle aging.



A pink sparkler with notes of strawberry, cherry, and red flowers. It has crisp refreshing acidity to balance the bubbles.



Notes of Meyer lemon with a persistent mouse. Bright acidity that finishes bone dry.



Bright lemon and persimmon with a light herbal quality. Finishes with dry preserved lemon notes.