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IPA for Website.png
  • 7% ABV | 80 IBU

  • OG 16 (1.064)

  • FG 3.5 (1.014)

  • 2.5 vol

A light-colored ale that boasts aromas of orange and pine with ripe peach and apricot atop toasted sugar and bread crust.

COMPA for Website.png
  • 5.7% ABV

  • 20 IBU

Friends, beer drinkers, New Mexicans, this beer is for you. Brewed in the American style, this light lager was made with two row, malted barley, melanoidin malt, and flaked corn to emulate the big boys. We threw a few Willamette hops in there as well for balance. Compa is simultaneously malty and easy drinking. So kick back, grab a burger, and enjoy.

RED for Website.png
  • 8% ABV | 60 IBU

  • OG 17 (1.068)

  • FG 4 (1.016)

A red mahogany, American IPA with classic "C" hop character. Malty and sweet with a touch of roast and a medium full body. 


AMBER for Website.png
  • 5.4% ABV | 30 IBU

  • OG 13 (1.052)

  • FG 3 (1.012)

  • 2.4 vol

An amber ale in the English tradition. Sparkfitter Amber balances toasty malts, earthy hops, and fruity yeast to achieve a classic, pub-style bitter.

Raspberry Dynamite for Website.png
  • 5.8% ABV

  • 5 IBU

IT'S BACK! This popular kettle sour is inspired by the Napoleon. Not the famously undersized general, but rather, the flaky, cream-filled pastry.  We began the process with a wheat heavy grain bill which we ran off and kettle soured before boiling with lactose, a milk sugar. We then added a ridiculous quantity of pure raspberry puree to the fermentation and let it all bubble away until the flavors developed and the yeast was finished.  What resulted is a fantastically fruit-forward brew with a raspberry aroma, striking appearance, and a refreshingly sweet/tart finish.  We had fun with this one!

Brickie American Stout for Website.png
  • 8% ABV

  • 60 IBU

As the name would suggest this beer is sturdy.  Pouring almost black with garnet highlights and a tan head that lingers, it looks just as a stout should.  Aromas of roast and chocolate are bountiful with subtle fruitiness from our house ale strain.  Chocolate, roast, and coffee dominate the flavor with a solid malt finish to round out this solidly built stout.  Made with a collection of toasted, roasted, and crystal malts. Served with CO2.

Lloyds 3 O'Clock Kolsch for Website.png
  • 5% ABV

  • 25 IBU

A light and dry easy-drinking Kolsch-style ale brewed with German pilsner malt and German hops, fermented cool resulting in a clean, refreshing brew with an herbal, lemon hop character. 

STOUT for Website.png
  • 6% ABV

  • 40 IBU

An American take on an Irish classic. This dry stout is full of cocoa and roast with notes of dates and dark fruit. Brewed to session strength with drinkability in spades. Served on Nitro and CO2. 

WIT for Website.png
  • 6% ABV

  • 15 IBU

This twist on a classic style combines soft wheat notes with orange, coriander, and a spicy yeast character. Bursting with flavor and prickly carbonation, The Village Wit finishes appropriately dry. 

SBB Cider 4 for Website.png
  • 7.5%ABV

  • 0 IBU

Our house cider combines apple and pear juices for a complex and tart flavor with a dry finish.  A bit more potent than your average cider so please be aware and enjoy.


OktoberFiesta for Website.png
  • 6.5% ABV

  • 25 IBU

A smooth, easy-drinking lager made with top-quality German ingredients. Fermented low and slow and left to lager to perfection. Full of malty overtones with Noble hops added for balance. Nothing but the best goes in to our OktoberFiesta Lager to achieve a premium-quality Fest lager. Weyerman Barke Malts, Magnum and Hersbrucker hops, and our house Lager Yeast Strain are combioned in this seasonal favorite. 

Black Hole Sun IPA for Website.png
  • 6.4% ABV

  • 80 IBU

Hints of chocolate and chewy malt balance out a decidedly fruity hop character in this special Black Ale.  Pine and pineapple shine through in the aroma coming from the sole-hop variety, Chinook. Chinook was released by the USDA in 1985 and is the result of a cross between an English and wild American varieties.  It has come to represent some of what we now know as the classic American hops profile and is one of this brewer’s favorites.

A portion of sales go to AGORA Crisis Center and Children’s Grief Center in support of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. #DrinkABeerDoSomeGood

Manana IPA for website.png
  • 6.6% ABV

  • 53 IBU

“The juiciest batch yet,” says Bob! And just what we need to wind down the summer. Loaded with tropical, juicy aroma and smooth on the palate, this New England inspired, tropical IPA was brewed for the hop heads. A simple grist with lots of oats was employed to lay the base for the irresponsible amount of Mosaic, Citra, and El Dorado hops that we saw fit to use. Relatively low IBUs characterize the style and make for a very aromatic and smooth drinking concoction. Here’s to many happy Mañanas.


SAISON DE LA ROSE for Website.png

A Farmhouse Ale with Rose Hips and Lemongrass

  • 6.4% ABV

  • 20 IBU

    A Saison by any other name………..
    Saison or Farmhouse ale is the most ambiguous style that ever there was.  Sometimes light, sometimes dark, hoppy or sour, table strength or KO juice, this style is indefinable.  Mostly characterized by expressive yeast and a dry finish, our latest iteration is made with a simple grist of two row malt and flaked barley and is flavored with rose hips and lemongrass in the kettle.  A fresh, floral aroma carries through in the flavor, which is punctuated by a dry finish.


Harvest Pale Ale for Website.png
  • 5.8% ABV

  • 40 IBU

Harvest Pale Ale is brewed in the spirit of late summer days when the heat begins to relent but isn’t quite ready to give up its hold. Tropical and orange aromas from Azacca and El Dorado hops float on this medium bodied pale ale. Golden Naked Oats lend a silkiness to this easy drinker with subtle crystal malt accents mingling with the solid malty foundation. Fruity overtones from our house ale strain linger long enough to get you to the next refreshing sip. Here’s to a good Harvest!

Sept 1-30, all proceeds benefit The Storehouse of NM and their efforts to help out hard-working, struggling New Mexico families.

Out to Pasture for website.png


  • 5.5% ABV

  • 25 IBU

Out to pasture is an example of an old world Saison style ale.  Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malts, bittered with Magnum hops, this beer was left to condition in a stainless tank with Brettanomyces for a few months before being dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria at a rate of three pounds per barrel.  Aromas abound with fruity Brett intermingling with the grassy, melon aromas from the dry hop.  Idiosyncratic and refreshing, Out to Pasture pays homage to the style and to the agricultural heritage of the valley.  

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Ingenio Beer Release IG Post.jpg
  • 6% ABV

  • 12 IBU

It began with a local favorite, The Village Wit, flavored with bitter and sweet orange peel and coriander seeds. And not to mention, a great candidate for barrel aging. The only question: what kind of barrel? TEQUILA (another favorite in these parts), which is where the Wit roosted for a 6-month stay (along with Brettanomyces) before it was bottled. Months later, the carbonation developed, the flavors mingled. And now, crisp, dry INGENIO boasts funk in the forefront, and a tequila, oak, fruit, and bit of barnyard nose.  

$10/500mL bottle (10% off case purchase)

Gruet Chardonnay Logo.jpg


Rich with notes of lemon curd, pear and tropical pineapple with a crisp finish.

Milagro Corrales WHITE Logo.gif


Crisp and refreshing with notes of melon, green apple and nectarines.



Medium sweet white blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer with notes of Lychee, Peach, and Nectarine with a medium sweet and tart finish.



Flavors of apple, pear, and melon with a hint of honey. 



Loads of black cherry and cassis with a lingering smokey finish.

Milagro Corrales RED Logo.jpg


Round mouthfeel with flavors or cherry, raspberry and currants with a hint of spice on a soft finish.

mission-sm (1).jpg


Light, dry with a hint of fresh fruit. Planted originally in 1629 by Friars Zuniga & Arteaga, it was the first grape planted in what is now known as the USA



Notes of Strawberry and tart Red Cherry with a long fruity finish.



Wild strawberry with a zippy acidity.


Medium lemon in color, our Non Vintage Blanc de Blancs presents aromas of brioche and green apples that follow through on the palate. Flavors of lemon zest, honeysuckle, and tropical fruit lead to a crisp, fresh finish.